Current & Past Projects

4 Seasons of Romar House - Pier Construction
Ace Hardware - Site Work
AFCO - TK Slab Yard Steel Erection & Installation
Air Science
Alabama Bulk Terminal - Dredge Boring
Alabama Bulk Terminal - Heavy Crude Project
Alabama State Port Authority - #2 Rail Car Dumper Modifications
Alabama State Port Authority - Barge Loading Facility
Alabama State Port Authority - Berth E Renovation, Phase 2
Alabama State Port Authority - Berth E Renovation, Phase 2
Alabama State Port Authority - CGR Rail Ferry
Alabama State Port Authority - Dock 1 Expansion
Alabama State Port Authority - Dock 1 port Expansion
Alabama State Port Authority - Dust Suppression Upgrades
Alabama State Port Authority - Fender System Replacement Berths 6 and 7
Alabama State Port Authority - Head of Slip B Bulkhead Replacement
Alabama State Port Authority - Maintenance
Alabama State Port Authority - McDuffie Barge Load Out
Alabama State Port Authority - McDuffie Coal Terminal Package 2
Alabama State Port Authority - McDuffie Coal Terminal Package 3
Alabama State Port Authority - McDuffie Island Sprinkler System
Alabama State Port Authority - McDuffie Third Loop Construction
Alabama State Port Authority - McDuffie Yard 2 Ceclaim Conveyor
Alabama State Port Authority - No. 5 Stacker Reclaimer Chute Instal
Alabama State Port Authority - Pier A North Restoration
Alabama State Port Authority - Pier B River Dock Repair
Alabama State Port Authority - Pier D Fender Replacement
Alabama State Port Authority - Rail Car Ferry
ALDOT - Tunnel Pump Replacement
Amclyde - M30 Crane Install
Amclyde - M40 Crane Install
ARF - Animal Rescue Foundation
ASD/FGDI - New Rails for Farmer's Grain Storage
Atlantic Marine - New Bulkhead System
Atlantic Marine - Pier G Upgrades
Atlantic Marine - Pier K
Austal - Bay No. 5 Assembly
Austal - Bulkhead Cove Area Reclamation
Austal - Bulkhead/Breakroom
Austal - North Yard Expansion
Azko Nobel - CS2 Tower Structural Steel Remediation
BAE Systems - Pier G Landside Utilities
BAE Systems - Pier G Refurbishment
BAE Systems - Pier L Improvements
BAE Systems - Translation Rail Installation
Bohnert Construction
Boise Cascade
BP - Dock Installation
BP Oil - Bulk Terminal Loading Station
BP Terminal - Mobile Facility
Bredero Price
Bredero Shaw
Chevron - Repair Damage
City of Fairhope - Renovations to UV System Fairhope Water Reclamation Facility
City of Mobile - Bridge Repairs at Michigan Ave
City of Mobile - Convention Center Barge Damage Repairs
City of Mobile - Replace Imbeds in Dock
City of Pascagoula - Pipe Supports for Communy St
City of Pascagoula - Water Treatment Plant Criswell St
City of Pascagoula - Water Treatment Plants
City of Saraland - Water Treatment Plant Upgrade
Coca Cola Co - Repair Drain
Coca Cola Co - Replace Old HIG
Crown Technology
Cytec Industries, Inc.
DEGUSSA - Structural Steel in SI 69
E. I. Dupont - Port Dock Repair
E.P.A. Coal Facility
Eagle Chemical
Farmers Grain - Repair Transfer Conveyor on North Ship Loader
First Chemical - Unit 5 Expansion Phase 1
Friede Goldman Halter - Erection / Launch Slab
Gulf Coast Asphalt
Gulf LNG Energy, LLC - Marine Facility - Clean Energy Project
Gulf South Pipeline - Install 2 Compressor Stations
Hamilton Oaks - OSTF
Hargrove & Associates
Hayward Baker - Millard Refrigerated Dock Repair
Hess Oil
HII Ingalls Shipbuilding - Drydock Repairs
HII Ingalls Shipbuilding - Stacking Hall Anchor Plate Installation
Honeywell/UOP - Capital Management
Hydralift Amclyde - Installation of M30/M40 Cranes
IMS - Maintenance Shop Building
IMS - Slag Processing Area Pot Dump Station
International Paper Co. - Wet Lap
Johnston Pumps - Reinstall Pumps
Kimberly Clark - Aspen Project
Kimberly Clark - Change Out TAD
Kimberly Clark - Converting Equipment Upgrade
Kimberly Clark - Install Alternate Fiber Facility for Utilization of Non Traditional Fibers
Kimberly Clark - Install Belt Press to Remove Water from Waste Sludge
Kimberly Clark - Install Hard Roll Towel Converting Line
Kimberly Clark - Install New Pump and Piping to Reclaim Waste Water for Recycling
Kimberly Clark - Install New TAD Dryer
Kimberly Clark - Jubilee Project Perini 2 & 4
Kimberly Clark - Maintenance
Kimberly Clark - Maintenance
Kimberly Clark - Perini 5 Sorting & Packaging System
Kimberly Clark - Rebuild and Install Pulping System for Dry Fiber
Kimberly Clark - Rebuild Converting Lines to Install Multi-Pack Capabilities
Kimberly Clark - Rebuild Winders to Allow Two Ply Converting Capability
Kimberly Clark - Replace Rotex Bearing on Stacker-Reclaimer in Woodyard
Mastec - Pipeline Installation Barry Steam Plant
MAWSS - CC Williams Oxygen Generation Phase II
MAWSS - CC Williams WWTF H2S Scrubber System
MAWSS - Eslava Creek Mechanical
MAWSS - Maintenance
MAWSS - Virginia Street Pumping Station
McNeil Specialty Products - Micronizer Project
Millard Refrigeration - Breasting & Mooring Dolphins
Millard Refrigeration - Dock Repairs
Millard Refrigeration - Install Drainage Improvements
Mobile Aerospace - Hangar Project
Mobile Airport Authority - Install Sprinkler System Terminal Building
Mobile Airport Authority - PCC Ramp Reconstruction
Mobile Co. Board of Education
Mobile Energy Services
Mobile Forest Products
Mobile Paper Board
MS Dept of Marine Resources - Oak Street Pier
MS Phosphates
N.A. Water Systems - Thyssenkrupp Water Treatment Facility
National Marine - Warehoure/Bulkhead Repairs
Newmark International
NOAA - 04' Warehouse/Bulkhead Repairs
NOAA - Lab Addition T
NOAA - Net Shed Warehouse
NOAA - Trailer City
Northrop Grumman - Crane Rails Upgrade
Northrop Grumman - Main Substation Building
Northrop Grumman - West Bay 6 & 7
Northrup Grumman - 4160V Shore Power
Northrup Grumman - Bulk Gas Facility Project
Nustar - Truck Loading Terminal
O'Ferrell Properties, LLC - Manufacturing Facility
Occidental Chemical
OLIN - CP Salt Loading Structure
Olin - Maintenance
Oscar J. Boldt - #5 Vanguard Installation
Patten-Beers Construction - Multi Tenant Facility
Portland Systems - Civil Work Package
Praxair - Thyssenkrupp civil & underground Utilities
Prichard WWTP - Grit Conveyor
Prichard WWTP - Sewage Treatment Plant Repair
Quality Filters - Building Expansion
R. B. Baker - Choctaw Pt. Container Terminal
R.B. Baker/Mobile Container Terminal - MCT Duct Banks
Retirement Systems of Alabama - Mobile Cruise Terminal
Rohm & Haas
Rolls Royce - Milling Building
RSA Riverview - Entry Court
RSA Riverview - Roofing/Waterproofing
RSA Riverview Plaza - Fa
RSA Riverview Plaza - Renovations Entry Court
RSA Riverview Plaza - Renovations, Roofing
S.D. Warren
Saraland WWTF - Upgrades
Shell Landing Country Club
Southern Cement - Mobile Facility Expansion
St. Mary's Catholic Church
Standard Concrete - Barge Slip
Standard Concrete - Casting Beds
Sugar Industries
Sulzer Pump
SW&B - Mobile Fiber Project
Tate & Lyle Sucralose - Concrete & PIping
ThyssenKrupp - Acid Railroad Loading Station
ThyssenKrupp - Acid Railroad Loading Station Phase II
ThyssenKrupp - Cold Roll Mill Building
Thyssenkrupp - Cold Roll Mill Fire Water Utility Piping
ThyssenKrupp - CRM Fire Stop & Doors
ThyssenKrupp - Electrical Buildings
Thyssenkrupp - HDGL Pipe Rack and Electrical Rooms
ThyssenKrupp - HDGL Utility Piping & Fire Water
ThyssenKrupp - Hot Dip Galv. Mill Interior Building Utilities
ThyssenKrupp - Install liners in Secant Pit
ThyssenKrupp - Mechanical Gases
ThyssenKrupp - Phase II Rail Track
ThyssenKrupp - River Terminal Dock Extension Berths 4 & 5
ThyssenKrupp - Slab Yard Extension
ThyssenKrupp - Technical Gases
ThyssenKrupp - Transfer Car Equipment Install
ThyssenKrupp - Underground Piping
Turner Supply
UOP - Line 15
UOP - Maintenance
UOP - P505
UOP - P505 Upgrade Project
Veoila Waters - TK Maintenance
VT Halter Marine - Launchway Expansion Car Carrier Project
VT Halter Marine - North Storage Yard Remediation
Zeneca - Reloacte Tanks

Featured Projects


Breasting & Mooring Dolphins   Breasting & Mooring Dolphins

This job consisted of installing 4,693 LF of 24” prestressed concrete pile. We poured 400+ cubic yards of concrete which included the pile caps, the breasting dolphin and the mooring dolphin (includes reinforcing, formwork, etc).

  Waste Water Treatment Facility
  N.A. Waters

This project consisted of complete installation of 10 ea post-tension concrete tanks, 30" river water intake pipe system and structure, 3 actiflow systems, 2 clarifiers, UV disinfecting system, belt press building and equipment, new clear well along with associated pipe rack support steel, large and small bore piping and mechanical equipment installation.

Standard Concrete Services   Standard Concrete Services

Standard Concrete Description